Monday, March 06, 2006

Malmo Sweden Oresund bridge

I used to live in Skane thats in southern Sweden, i lived there as a little boy before this Oresund bridge was in place, i used to take the ferry to & from Copenhagen to Malmo. I lived in Ystad, Trelleborg, Falsterbo, Skanor & Malmo. I went to Bladins skola. My ancestry is Finnish , dutch & Swedish ,some Hamburg Germans if you go far enough back. the Baltic is super cold. One memory i'll never forget was at Bladins skola on the 2nd floor during an icy cold Swedish winter , a classmate poured a huge pitcher on some poor wretch walking below the window. I got the hell out of there before that guy could blame me. He was pissed. Sweden was a blast. Swedish girls ... unbelievable... Then there were these abandoned 1920s era buildings that were just occupied by some homeless bums, this was near the school. We used to explore these old buildings & get chased off by the present occupants. fun shit..I lived in the Netherlands & Finland too, but Sweden was a major blast. i can remember Viking graves in farmlands on the way from Trelleborg to Malmo. if you are from Sweden & went to Bladins skola, write me..


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