Monday, October 29, 2007

Buddy 1995-2007 sweet little guy. RIP

I found him on a very busy street at 11pm as a puppy, no one claimed him except me. I was really lucky to have such a fine dog, i think i needed him more than he needed me. He taught me about real friendship, He rarely barked, could devour 3times his weight in 1 sitting, pee ed like a fire truck anywhere he pleased.. When i'd take him to a favorite machine shop to make Indian parts, they wanted to trade for him for services. He especially liked children, he was just magical around little kids, Not like a human that gets old & jaded & bitter, he was as child like at the end as when i found him as a puppy. if you measure your life by money & things , you're a failure, if you measure your life by friends & love & experiences, your rich, i'm rich having had this little guy.Buddy spent alot of time around motorcycles, All my motorcycle pals knew buddy ,so he has to be included.

Buddy on a 1952 Indian Chief.
no tongue..................................tongue

Stay away from my Chief!!!!!

I could sit here all day.

Knuckleheads are kool!

Buddy, me & Koko
Buddy & Koke , inseparable
Handsome little guy.

Off to my next adventure...