Thursday, March 24, 2016

1912 1913 1914 Harley Davidson cases, lower end wanted

These are some 1912-1913 HD cylinders for a  bike like these 2 black n white fotos above... they will fit 1914 , 1914 is the 1st year for valve covers so these would b 1912 or 1913,,,look at the fotos you will see the serial number 2907E  on each base of the cylinder ,, these numbers will also b on the engine cases,, its not the vin number!  its just a serial number , if you have engine cases with these numbers please contact me,, i gladly purchase n begin building,,if you have an early HD engine or just lower end let me know i can put them into service...

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Zundapp fotos

if you apreciate old wartime fotos to help you study Zundapps heres a few , most r for sale on the next bike will have to b a Zundapp.

1969 XLCH ironhead Sporstster

my shovelhead when i was 15... last seen in New Mexico... if u have it i'll buy it back

$500 Later

Dont know if its all related but first the battery started wearing out then the 12 volt high torque starter solenoid started failing n took out the ring gear... Ceramic coated the exhaust n installed the new ring gear n rebuilt the high torque 12 v starter , all back in the 55 now to start it,, i experienced the same w a 1959 Mercedes Benz ponton,,, maybe $50 for a ring gear n $150 to rebuild the starter from Van Nuys