Monday, July 27, 2015

BMW R12 sidecar Steib

The sidecar may actually be for a R75,, but it will mount up.. the tire needed is an odd size 3.75 x19
.. here r some period fotos of Bmw R12s in service... Bmw must have made quite a few , n the quality in the manufacture makes them a bike that r still in service,, 75 yrs later..

Porsche Speedster wanted, any condition


Great fotos,, if you have a wreck or runner or project Speedster or Cabriolet any condition you r looking to sell send me an email,,, i buy,,,,i keep , i build em n drive em..

Steve McQueens 1912 HD X8E

Original paint tanks w red color,,, great to see it preserved n rideable..

741 in Amsterdam

741 w Civillian fenders,, the speedo mounted above the headlight indicates a military front end, the smooth no script primary is military,, great looking bike in Amsterdam