Thursday, August 27, 2009

1941 BMW R35 from the movie Valkyrie and 1943 DKW NZ350

Two great WWII bikes offered only from

Both run great and can be found here in SoCal , can be shipped anywhere worldwide.

I'm biased ,I love the little R35 bikes, very easy to maintain,

Friday, August 21, 2009

1954 Porsche Cabriolet in Italy

This unbelievable 1954 Porsche Cabriolet belongs to Stefano in San Giovanni Italy, just outside Milan, home of Alfa Romeo.
You can see more of his cars and restoration services here
Shipping to and from Italy is alot easier and affordable than what you might expect.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This says it all

PreWWII BMW R12 sportmodel dual carb bike

Heres a prewar dual carb R12, War bikes have 1 carb, maybe faster, war bikes are fast enough, just more to service...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1937 Indian Chief,1929 101 Scout roller

the 1929 101 scout roller, probably the worst 101 i have ever taken on, instead of rethreading a part the previous owner felt just brass welding over the threads was a more effective strategy.Proof the worlds not running out of morons. Replaced rear wheel, handlebars, i got the gas tanker from Moen at Indian Parts Europe in Denmark
the original gas tanker was a glorified bed pan to drop off at a senior center .
the powerplant was trashed, i mean everything has to be replaced, even trashed its a testament to how well Indian made things, cylinders, cases, etc are all serviceable.

The 1937 finnally is back to being a roller again after Jerry Greers Indian engineering did the wheel hub berring assemblies.
top quality work and outstanding parts. none of that made in Taiwan product..a fellow once told me the reason the parts are made in Taiwan is so you cant go down the street to kick their ass for selling you junk that doesnt fit. Some of it is good stuff i have to say..pretty close. some i just consider display quality only, Next for the 1937 is a proper valve and piston job..from Boretech in ohio.. You're a fool if you go anywhere else,

They can do anything ...

Here is the 1937 Indian Chief as a chopper, I blasted the frame hr after hr, previous owner added virtually indestructable bondo to it,the frame # matched the engine number, so i had to restore the frame w Michael Breedings top quality replacement castings,
damn nice, seat T,below tank shifter, footboard brackets, they were pretty easy to weld on , but i did have a 1936 frame to compare to,
The chopper is kool , but an original Chief is more kool... If you want to build a chopper just go to Pat Kennedys site
you dont have to destroy a perfectly good rare HD or Indian frame..Besides choppers turn like your driving a semi... to each his own......