Thursday, February 01, 2007

Panther tank ,Porsches Panzer

knocked out Panther in front of Koln cathedral.
Ferdinand Porsche designed the Panther, strong point was the wide tracks copied from the superior Russian T34, they just couldnt copy the reliability of the T34, Panthers broke down regularly & were easy to disable w grenades dropped in the exhaust ports, good Porsche stuck w Porsche cars.......especially 356.

I collect militaria, heres a group of Panther tank tracks, these weigh about 65-75lbs each, next to it is a SS gas can, the SS had all their supplies marked accordingly,w runes,

Panzer factory, probably Tigers or pzk IV not Panthers by looking at the wheels.
i'll add more fotos as i find them. I dont find a problem collecting militaria, as long as you remember the brave decent souls who died to preserve some form of freedom. Understand the intense suffering all around, there is no glory in war , only sadness. Tyrany starts out in childhood w the schoolyard bully. At least I got to beat up the school yard bully once.