Saturday, December 31, 2011

late 1947 Knucklehead Big Twin frame neck

Close up of the late last "Bullneck" frame for 1947. I believe theres 3 frames for 1947. This one is very rare. some 20,000 FLs built that year if i'm correct.

Run out of motorcycle lifts? milk crates work..LOL

Bastardized high performanced 1947 engine.

pre 1909 Harley Davidson single belt drive

Above are some very old fotos torn out of a someones family album, If you look very close on the rear wheel you can see the belt/sprocket on the rear wheel. Always thought it interesting that the earliest bikes used leather belts, then bikes went to chains then back to modern flexible rubber belts to lessen the vibration n wear. If you found only the engine of this bike, theres a few folks making highest quality replacement parts to build the whole bike once again. The next foto was on the other side....looks like the old "our gang" little rascals.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Indian 101 Scouts

The great property of 101s is any idiot can get them and keep them running . probably thee easiest to maintain , service bikes i've ever had..Luckily there is a great following so many parts r now available as knockoffs,, I kinda wish Colony or the other big name replacement parts folks would make fenders etc out of thicker gauge metal..plenty of acceleration and very maneuverable...just not a highway bike...i prefer runing drop center rims vs the correct clincher rims,,,clincher rims are the very old early style rims...

Vista home security 2012 antivirus to remove

Ever get hijacked by these bogus rogue scamwares like "Vista home security 2012 antivirus" ???..or MyStart Incredibar . first dont ever share your computer...
i have found this one series of steps will always knock out homepage or other style hijacks...this one above was incredibly insidious, could not go to properties my computer etc.... so you can remove virtually all spywares, hijacks, scamwares etc...they look like microsoft updates ...they have the same icons , insignia etc ...
1. on start up hit F8 until "safe mode with networking " option surfaces on a black n white screen that.enter... log on to your computer as normal...
2. in the Start menu on the bottom of the screen, "start search" window....type in "system restore" ...this picks a previous time period when the computer wasnt corrupted...this will unfuck the computer....follow its steps, and it will have reboot your computer and you will be free of the hijack software.....Obviously anytime any popup asks you to update and enter your credit card etc...WARNING...your being i wrote above this series of instructions will knock out disable most if not all hijacks n scamwares...
my experience is you dont have to go to "command prompt" and enter code to unfuck your computer,i'm not a big spyware guy either, to me its just another computer vampire knocking out your computer and reporting back to bigbrother w what breakfast cereal you buy.... always interested to know folks ideas on outwitting the scammers....

Friday, December 16, 2011

1955 Porsche 356 Coupe rear section ...done

More progress...

1936 early vs late 1940 Big Twin Steering Dampers

Above 1940s n up steering damper ,Colony knockoff on top , genuine HD below, fits Big Twin only not 45 models

1940s n up HD Big Twin steering damper..above

above early 1936-39 HD steering damper lower on 1936 EL.

above 1936 -1939 Steering damper as it installs in frame. the tops r the same all years. they r very similiar, so here you can see the unique parts for each one.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Timing chain adjustment

"ok i can see the timing chain is off by 2 teeth , i almost got it,,, then we're ready for spark"

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Begging ,pleading for its life...

Retribution time

hes looking to kick some animal cruelty ass in Romania and Ukraine...better watch out ,

Mickey mouse on cast iron motorcycle toy

Check this out , its a antique cast iron toy w Mickey n Minnie mouse riders, they come off , pretty kool old toy in original paint, i found out some of these cast iron motorcycle toys r made today as modern antiques, they r still very kool. If i see more of these i will post them..

1913 Harley Davidson twin racer For Sale

This bike is for sale by owner, contact me on the profile page and i will connect you. Plenty of work has gone into it, these are very rare and just dont come up for sale often ,put your money in the bank and have it stolen by big brother and his machine or park this in your living room, or ride it everyday till your neighbors call the cops on you.. best scenario...i'm sure my cop friends will want to ride this too! it is really kool......

1955 Porsche 356 quarter panel install

One side done , now to do the back panel and drivers side qtr panel. You can see how horrible the condition of the steel was. I just got really lucky finding 2 rear halves..qtr panels to use, no way to salvage the existing shit..some of the most primitive infantile welding i've ever seen .

Thursday, December 08, 2011

I think the Lord Humongous would kick someones ass who was torturing beagles or punching calves or setting puppies on fire or feeding kittens to pythons,, the world we live in gets sicker n more evil by the hour.. payback retribution will be a bitch for them.

Marlboro man croaked of lung cancer now these beagles are forced to smoke em..

Smoking doesnt just kill humans, harmless, friendly beagles? WTF? how cold of a person do you have to be to force beagles to smoke a known carcinogen?
Did Dr.Mengele really die in Argentina?