Sunday, February 28, 2010

Unknown ww2 bikes and NSU

Whats this unknown ww2 bike above ? NSU? DKW?

Try to identify this unusual ww2 bike, the bike below looks like a NSU.

Keep sending me fotos...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Opposed twins,boxer style airheads;1942 Harley Davidson XA , BMW 750/275 ,Zundapp KS750 ,Indian 841

Indian 841 civilian style by Terry Krumm.

Indin 841, desert service
Zundapp KS750
BMW 750/275
Harley Davidson XA.
Indian and HD make use of the rear drive from trans to rear wheel and opposed cylinder technology of BMW and Zundapp.
HD never again uses this design, Indian ceases manufacture in 1953, short lived production.
Interesting to compare the designs. Not good in crashes w/out crash bars, cylinders absorb impact rendering motorcycle out of commission.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gnome et Rhone AX2-38

Heres another motorcycle and maker i had never ever heard construction to BMW and Zundapp steel pressed frame bikes.
For years i'd find odd parts that were similiar to Indians but were not Indian., now i know they were German ww2 motorcycle parts.
When you think you know everything on any subject ,thats when you can be sure you know Jack-shit.

WW2 era Zundapp 350

WW2 era Zundapp 350cc model . If you have one of these for sale or trade email me at the contact page...fotos courtesy of Mike Dunn @

Its a 350cc same size as a BMW r35, 350cc.....

King Tiger in the Ardennes today

The real deal above in the Ardennes today and a 1/4 scale RC King Tiger below...
if you need a 1/4 scale King Tiger...visit this site

Heres a great foto grouping on BMW R75s and Zundapp 750s in the Ardennes.

heres a great tank museum in Russia to see

Monday, February 01, 2010

WW2 Ground dug DKW NZ350 in Poland

Story is the dead dispatch rider was found w it..