Monday, June 30, 2014

1981 n 1982 VW air cooled Vanagons

Being that i like, or lust after air cooled Porsches, VWs etc, i stumbled on these 2 Vanagons,, both are air cooled , b4 water cooled radiators,,, surprisingly both engines were rebuilt when the owners threw in the towel,, the starting n running issues r not resolved by adjusting out components by the usual means , these have to have vaccum lines intact, grounds intact, brain boxes ie the electronic control modules, relays , oxygen sensors n heat sensors working optimally to run reliably..
still gotta find n build a one ? email me...not sure is this is a 600 or 800....

Wolfgangs 1940 Chief, cross usa trip 2014

My friend Wolfgang from Germany  flew his 1940 Chief over to JFK then drove it across the USA, visited me, when up n down the coast, n flew his bike back to Germany.. I mean he didnt fly the bike , he crated it n had it flown over,,,u know what i all 100% genuine Indian motorcycle,,,pretty kool huh?

250+ dogs to be mass executed at Lancaster California Animal Control Doggie Dachau June 30 2014
the notoious Lancaster animal control has stopped letting legitimate rescues "pull" or liberate dogs to be fostered n adopted out , the killing station is at an all time high,,,no adoptathons to find homes for any of them, no animal control workers w the decency to promote adoptions , its truly a horrific mass murder to occur in the next few days,,, the vast majority of dogs r easily adopted out w time,,, ...anything the us government touches turns to shit ,, heres one prime example,,, its truly a shame there isnt a decent government or citizens watchdog group that can supervise this animal control ..theres folks there taking purebreed dogs home n breeding them 4 profit,, ,,, .. i encourage anyone to take a closer look at this animal shelter... and especially to adopt out dogs there right now ,, in the next few days they will begin the mass executions...

read this link ,, a real eye opener to the kind of disturbed angry vindictive brutal people that run these mass killing stations...

Monday, June 23, 2014

Roswell New Mexico Animal Control Murder Spree continues

July 18 2014 Friday Dennis Kintigh killings included 5 more dogs, easily adopted or fostered, shelter not full, dogs did not have a deadly disease like parvo etc..i can only locate 3 of 5 fotos... purpose to document the chilling cold calculated unneccessary killings on order of Dennis Kintigh..When you see a murderer taking orders to kill innocent people etc, accountability is w who ordered n who carried out the killings,,
Dennis Kintigh I ask you to relinquish your office of Mayor of Roswell  , to step down n allow a decent caring accountable person lead this city out of the nightmarish HELL you have created.

july 16-2014 dennis Kintigh killings on his watch as mayor the following highly easily adoptable dogs... take our nation back from gangsters..shelter not full , none of these dogs ill w parvo or kennel cough, just a sick mayor...we are not going away,,, the murders can be seen globally , we the citizens will not tolerate a strong liar...

July 11 friday 2014..."With 12 open cages they are killing 3 now. One if which we have an adopter going for at 4:00. Which is only 15 mins away and they will not wait. Do you all see the problem now???"

Murdered 4 his Dennis's glory  july 11- 2014,,, URGENT!!! MASS RETALIATION ALERT!!!
Because we are requesting documentation about the management of Roswell Animal Control from the city clerk, we believe that animal control staff are now retaliating by euthanizing animals "at random" . . . NONE of previous Code Reds are scheduled for euth tomorrow . . . it's a whole new group that rescuers are now trying to scramble to save. They just destroyed a 5 month old, healthy puppy. The photo is Dr. Gutierrez's euthanasia protocol . . . this is what every dog goes through . . . and no mention of how the dogs are selected. PLEASE CALL CITY HALL IN ROSWELL (575-637-6700) or ROSWELL ANIMAL CONTROL (575-624-6722) or both!!! PLEASE SHARE AND MARK URGENT
More easily adopted dogs executed for Dennis Kintigh mayor of Roswell New Mexico..making now one of thee most difficult animal control killing stations to rescue from, it used to b a near no kill shelter, not anymore.the story is a rescuer had 4 dogs locked in 4  kennels n mysteriously someone released them, they bit a child n the execution -murder fiesta started,, Rescue folks arent high rollers vacationing in Monaco or Cannes, they r hard working folks w the decency n compassion to spend their last $10 on dog food etc,

Tell me how do you restrain a smiling lovable guy like this to shoot him up w lethal poison? what do you do when a guy like this just wants to lick your hands?  do you look into his eyes as you extinguish his life? do you feel job satisfaction? do you have a kill number you remember or like a concentration camp guard indifferent to their terror n suffering?
this guy would have been a great dog 4 some one,  Dennis wanted him dead for his glory.
Our Fuhrer of Roswell we ask you to stop the mass killings, bring back rescues n adoptathons n decency n compassion, u have only this life, do not leave a legacy of murders n cowardice,  the world is watching you.. we are not going away.
Dennis i encourage you personally to administer the lethal doses of poison yourself to these puppies as they whimper n cry out... you sure find it easy to have your "techs" assassins do this for you.
Today 7-2-2014  6 more adoptable dogs were executed in Roswell animal control because of the overwhelming problems created by mayor Dennis Kintighs ban on all rescues being able to rescue dogs,,,these were young puppies , easily adopted out of state by rescues that had made this a vrtually no kill shelter till Dennis Kintigh banned rescues n ordered a mass killing of adoptable dogs..A SOUL  full of HATE n inconsiderateness sholdnot be a mayor or even a outhouse cleaner, ...
 All these very easily adoptable dogs were executed under Dennis Kintigh mandates in Roswell...
he stopped Rescues locally n out of state from being able to rescue them, knowing he would have them killed. by making things as difficult as he could he caused their deaths... pretty pathetic...
previously this was a low kill shelter...

 Look at this one ,, easily , i mean easily adopted out ,, but not on his watch... he prevented this innocent puppy from finding a home...
 Do you know how smart Heeler dogs are? they r one of thee smartest breeds,
 This foto of 2 kissing puppies says it all,, what kind of monster rules Roswell,,, i know many decent folks in Roswell ,, he sure isnt representing the decent hard working moral people of Roswell or New Mexico...he had these 2 puppies killed...
 This is his DREAM for all the dogs of Roswell , when money n power n a complete disregard for decency n compassion becomes ones living principles,, killing n screwing people is easy... what is an elected official supposed to do???  do what the citizens that elected him want ... this is still the United States of America, not his personal occupation..  at least i cant put puppy killer on my resume... Lets take our communities n our United States of America back from government thugs w their own personal agendas , let stop monsters like this from killing puppies and adoptable dogs .  This is his legacy, piles of dead adoptable dogs...

this gal is saving a few from Dennis,,, please donate... read it n check it out , u can make a difference
  more of the dead ...we can stop him,,, we still live in the United States of America ,, not his personal occupation government of tyranny
9 beautiful easily adoptable dogs murdered today June 23 2014,, no parvo , no cancer , just a mayor Dennis Kintigh on a all out murder spree...a 7 month  old puppy one of todays murders,,, with nazi like cruelty n much longer will the heartless cruel monster reign over Roswells innocent dogs??

 You can help stop Dennis Kintigh from murdering dogs at Roswell animal control by donating to this fund,,, these r kind decent folks who spend their last hard earned dollars helping the forgotten dogs in Roswell n neighboring communities,,they dont get fat generous paychecks off the backs of working people like govt thugs we r fighting do.. They dont vote themselves pay raises n bonuses n prefferred medical plans at your expense...

from facebook
Attention friends of Roswell's Death Row Dogs . . . 9 dogs were killed today, more this afternoon, and another 9-10 tomorrow . . .
URGENT!!! Please read the entire post and when you share this link, COPY AND PASTE INTO THE STATUS UPDATE. (Important: You do NOT have to be a resident of Roswell to file a complaint)
Below are directions to file a complaint against Mayor Dennis Kintigh
This should be part of the complaint: THE MAYOR WAS OUTSIDE HIS JURISDICATION WHEN HE TOOK ACTION AGAINST LOCAL SHELTERS (the dog bite incident happened outside city limits); . . . he really needs to be hammered on this . . . THE MAYOR IS TAKING DISCRIMINATORY ACTION AGAINST A LOCAL RESCUE GROUP BY REFUSING TO GRANT PERMISSION FOR RESCUE (AWA) . . . THE CITY'S BIDDING PROCESS FOR SUPERVISING VET FOR ANIMAL CONTROL MAY BE TAINTED (all city vets applied for the contract and Gutierrez got it again even though he provides no vet services for the animals) EXTREME ANIMAL CRUELTY (he himself ordered the euthanasia of animals on 6/16 after he had made an announcement to halt killings on that and the following day.)
(from June Weatherspoon ) Just called the State of New Mexico Attorney Generals Office of Investigations: 505-222-9000 they indicated to file a criminal complaint against your Roswell Mayor go to:
Choose tab: "File a Complaint"
Drop down menu, Choose: "Submitting Criminal Investigations Complaint"
Must print the PDF form fill it out and send it in.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Thursday, May 01, 2014

too funny

550 Spyder knockoff

went to visit a VW shop n this knockoff 550 was there,,, immaculate,,, Flawless,,, I used to live 10 minutes from where James Dean was killed in his 550... great way to croak in a 550

1937 Chief gets missing gas tank