Thursday, August 30, 2018

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Großdeutschland Zundapp Krad B sidecar discovered

very rare sidecar tub used on primarily Zundapp bikes..Māris Stjade found it in an attic of an old home,,,in Latvia

you can just see the bullet holes and writing on the nose indicating GD regiment..note the various mounts,,,usually one just finds the frames n the boats are trashed..
i have the same  tub hooked up to my bmw r12  w Max rescue dog in can see the BMW tag also ....Bayerische Motororen werks... these finds are still getting discovered...

Thursday, March 09, 2017

holy grail relic Moscow

unusual wartime relic ..i just collect helmets n panzer parts , British Irvin flight jackets, American A-2, b-3 flight jackets,, no flight jackets that in Moscow

kubelwagon relic Moscow

like the old Porsche 356.. they rust away back to the earth.. folks like modifying the old VW thing cars back to kubelwagons... heres another wreck in Moscow n period fotos to compare to

SDKFZ-251 recovered Stalingrad

not sure what the difference is between 250 n 251,,, but heres whats left...lots of this still out there...

Thursday, October 27, 2016

HD 1912-1913 Single

Great foto of an early single... i'm always buying HDs especially Knuckleheads, Js , Early bikes n parts , any condition....

Zundapp KS750 relic Russia....Wanted...

looking for a Zundapp Ks750  or any model Zundapp to build,,, even one this rough...

DAK Afrika Korps desert fox Rommel m41 m43 early model heavy use elite panzer

 Saw this badge on ebay but missed bidding one??
Heres a heavy use DAK cap i found,, sell trade??   i collect ww1 ww2 militaria, looking for a DAK tunic and pith and a Wehrmacht Panzer Tunic , SS panzer tunic...genuine or good display item...always buying ,,,also i buy RAF Irvin flight jackets A2 B3 G1 USAAF flight jackets anything B17 Spitfire RAF etc.. let me know buy... i keep...not a dealer