Wednesday, December 17, 2014

as is original Indian Fours

from Indian motorcycle club france
gone from history,,i think all the remaining ones r accounted for

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

motorcychoSekis-192 Finnish Chopper w 1920 HD engine...must see

kool stuff,,,we all want to see more fotos n history


More fotos from Ulf Nilsson!!!

 Hi,more fotos of the Finn bike in Norrtälje bike meet,plus one more,Halvtopp Stockholm...Ulf Nilsson
Thank you very much Ulf!!!! 

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 and look here

 Hi tell me to stop,mid -70 Micke member Denver chopper .Uffe

Friday, November 07, 2014

I buy Porsche Speedster projects n coupes like this and 911 s n 912s contact me

unbelievable find,, thx for the fotos Bryon


Sweden , Indian motorcycles

Thank you Sune for the fotos from Sweden..
Amazing how folks reinvent their Indians.. top shelf work,,, very impressed

Friday, August 22, 2014

Vanagon gas tank swap

large fuel intake 2 5/8 opening diameter,,,one of the Vanagons the 1981 was parked in the 90s w a full tank o gas,,, 24 yrs later  it was a varnish molasses tar aquarium... looked like roofing tar,, i found a great knockoff on Ebay , that was virtually identical to the stock one, swapped all lines, fuel sender n all rubber grommets  n its back in service, dont even bother swapping fuel tanks w/out replacing sender, grommets n vent n gas lines,,, ez install w a floor jack n wood blocks

Bonaldi 7/8 master cylinder Alfa Romeo Giulia Giulietta 101 105

15,000 miles on the 2nd master on my 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia spider, i had replaced w a 105 series Bonaldi 7/8 made in Milan... i replaced  when the reservoir leaked out completely overnite. all thats worn out is the small rubber in the interior,, The replacement Bonaldi 7/8 is not a genuine Bonaldi , its a knockoff but works fine . the interior rubber bushing is half the size of the original.if u can find or rebuild a genuine Bonaldi 7/8 w the thicker rubber,, thats prefered .If u can rebuild the original bigger master thats 1st choice..dont ever toss the old masters as they r ez to rebuild n great for back ups... the Mityvac pneumatic bleeder is thee tool of choice, seriously dont waste your time n resources w any other hand squeeze bleeders or the force it on the reservoir style... just buy this one below,,, u can do everything w it , brake bleed, clutch bleed, gas tank bleed, highly reccomend.

Memphis Belle B-17 May 2014

back in May i went n saw this B17,, its  the movie plane not the one in Texas, its a must see ..if u like loud engines this is it.. first class experience seeing it