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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Zündapp KS750

Really like to find one of these in the USA .

1959 Mercedes 180 Solex 34PICB

The as is never monkeyed with  34PICB Solex on the 59 Benz leaked more fuel out the diaphragm then into the combustion chamber, easy fix, replaced the diaphragms on both sides, here u can see how whipped they were, as usual Feebay the best source. the float in the background is used in many different models including Peugeot , the float should not cost u more than $15, slim chance it will have leaks. same Solex in 180 n 190 models.

WLA switches

going thru a box of switches i noticed 1 requires a key the other doesnt, both have a blackout button, i'm using a WLA switch NOS on my 36, just because its new from 1940s..wonder what the numbers code means?

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

1936 Knuckle engine in Japan w the 2 1915 era Scheblers, same fellow has a video on youtube... really amazing to see these really antique carbs on a knuckle engine...note the round 1936 only round caps on the rockers, and of course the magneto. later tins, I think someone is making replacement round caps now,,i cant find em..
Fantastic foto of Anchorage,, i went to East Anchorage High School..kool place to live..Chugach Range in the background.
The ascension of Christ Bear

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

That sure looks like a Indian Model zero i just posted on ..