Sunday, December 28, 2008

1955 Porsche 356 runs

The fun never ends at phil world. Finnally the 1955 runs w a rebuilt 912 engine. The first series of problems was the previous moron carved out a couple feet of sheetmetal out of the engine compartment to fit a different engine possibly,
so the steel was fabricated and replaced, sandblasting , one of the real joys of life. blasting the engine compartment ,and repainting it, the blasting revealed a 3rd world engineering steel repair.he must have had some toddlers repairing that. Next a pushrod tube gasket leak, a generator nut someone was in too much of a hurry to install properly. Proof the worlds not running out of idiots...
Can't forget the oil fountain...replaced the oil cooling radiator w a believe it or not New Old Stock oil cooler,never ever been on a Porsche,thats the kind of positive Law of Attraction that works for me... 1955 runs, you just cant anticipate unforseen issues. Finnally battled and got it titled off the chasis or hull VIN #.Originally Porsche titled 356 cars off the engine ID #, well not a good idea, not everyone is going to rebuild and keep the original engines, toss the burned out engine and there goes the id #, So when your car gets stolen and the new owner loads it onto a departing ship in Longbeach w a new title off the chasis , i guess your one less car in your fleet.
Steering wheel has to go, rollbars can stay.

Original brake assemblies ands axle grease retainers,races replaced,

Those fender flares , i cant wait to restore that to stock, hurts to look at it. Got lucky and found some complete quarter panels to swap that out. The rear homemade license plate holder , thats gone, who comes up w these shitty custom jobs?

Heres the 912 engine from Gary at Obsolete Parts, he has really helped me out big time, One could restore the 1955 w a stock 1955 1500cc engine ,but i'm just building a rider. I'm not going to be winning any First Places at Carmel so it works for me. Next is front signal lamps, horn, wheels ,tires, windshield wipers, steel repair , never ends, but it runs...

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

1936 Knucklehead shifter vs SuperX shifter

Heres the extremely rare 1936 Knucklehead only shifter, this was not used on 1936 VL or 1936
sidevalve flatheads. You can also see the shift gate that will only accept the round shifter rod, the gate is also 1936 knuckle only. Now compare to SuperX shifter on someones fabulous four and twin. Its definately similiar but not the same. SuperX also doesnt use a shift gate, just like an shift gate.