Monday, March 06, 2006

1963 Alfa Romeo 101 series 1600cc Giulia Spider

heres my fathers , now mine 1963 alfa romeo 1600cc, i had to use my dog Koko for the bosche horn that doesnt work & as an alarm . i got all the missing trim & headlight bezels from Munich & brake parts from UK, still needs paint & plating, i added Koni shocks & new front suspension springs, new tires , i've done alot of work on it but it still has some low priority work left, these cars are abundant & easy to work on , plenty of enthisiasts produce parts.damn cold to drive in carbs & rebuild kits are on ebay 32/36dgv, great carb.Added front disc brakes i think the maker is ABS its a maker for most foreign cars, it originally had 3 wheel brake piston assemblies per front wheel, once they started failing we could never adjust them to brake evenly, so the disc brakes were the correct solution.
Theres plenty of resources to make your old Alfa even better than factory.

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