Sunday, July 19, 2009

Koni's BMW and Zundapp motorcycles , 1940s era

Koni has a Ebay "shop" for parts here
Here Koni test rides newly restored ww2 BMW R12
So if you need parts contact him there...
Authors note... nothing i have , ever looks that nice............
So you can see leafspring front ends were not just on 1944 and earlier Indians, Because HD and Indian were such fierce rivals ,HD never introduced leafspring forks.

1913 Harley Davidson twin engine wanted

The above has to be a 1911,1912 or 1913 HD twin ,the engine below went in a bike like this.
A fellow i know recently discovered this 1913 HD twin engine. This technology is before a recirculating oil pump was introduced, note also no valve covers, they surface in 1914 models.
If you have one of these early engines, email me. i would like to build a racer, just go to the profile page , look for contact info...

This flat block is where the Bosch magneto was positioned.

Early Schebler carburetor, HD later adopted Linkerts.
Production of singles and twins for 1913 are 12,904 motorbikes.

Friday, July 17, 2009

1936 Knucklehead in Japan w dual 1915 Schebler carbs

I found this very unusual dual carb 1936 Knucklehead on YouTube, belongs to a Japanese rider,whats really unique is that those are 2 1915 era Schebler carbs attached to a intermediate manifold that bolts up to the M5 Linkert 3 bolt manifold that bolts up to the knuckle heads.
I couldnt enlarge the foto. The other interesting feature was the really slow idle and the fellow hooked up the shifter to the top motor mount. Just searching YouTube in Japanese script brings up a whole other world of genuine custom Knuckles, Panheads etc, No way in hell i can read the Japanese blogs on Japanese custom bikes, Amazing machines worthy of further research.
Production of all motorcycles in 1936 for HD was 9,812 motorbikes .

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Unknown WW1 German motorcycle & ace

WW1 ace with unknown motorcycle...If you can ID the bike , email me,
My guess the year has to be 1910 era, the fins are all horizontal ...beehive style. After 1911 most motorcycle makers introduced vertical fins on the top of the head.

Unterseeboot U-boat postcards ,fotos

U-995 at Kiel. One of four remaining WW2 U-boats left in the world, U-534 now in UKs Birkenhead, U-505 in Chicago, and CV 707 in Suomenlina, Helsinki Harbour Island in Finland. More info here...

Refueling, supply U-boats x 4.

Another group of u-boat fotos, This colored card was the cover of a WW1 game for children. Note the ww1 Iron cross flag

Below, effective allied bombing on U-boat dry dock.

Here one can see the narrow deck and the loading of torpedoes as an officer looks on.

Amazing to think all these submarines and their crews are at the bottom of the ocean.