Friday, June 27, 2008

Panther at the impound lot? Somewhere in Eastern Europe

I love looking up Panzers and WW2 battlefields and relics on Google. heres one of those mystery fotos, somewhere in Eastern Europe. A panther tank sits behind an old Benz in a pile of military wrecks.. The caption has to be " Shit Dude , I didnt think they were serious about impounding it"

Its probably valued at about a million Euros, and there it sits.unbelievable.

Pskov Stug Panzer recovered

Heres one of those cryptic stories you discover on the internet. This Stug was discovered in Pskov Russia,maybe 2002 by military archaeologist; ie Russian capitalists, recovered in what is known as the Demjansk pocket , the area below todays St Petersburg or in ww2; Leningrad. The Demjansk pocket can be thought of historically as the "Northern Stalingrad" for the Germans. Amazing Stug was pulled out of a mud marsh that preserved it, soldiers probably abandoned their panzer when they ran out of petrol and ammo, and there it sat for 60 some odd years out in the peaceful countryside. Once the wet vehicle got into town unprotected, rust and thieves were its new enemies, I havent been able to find out what happened to it , but it probably went into a Russian museum. If you Google it, very little except for a Russian site surfaces and well I dont read cyrillic.

Upside down

Thats how i return my panzer rental to Enterprise rent a panzer.
I dont think the crewman got their cleaning deposit back.

Looks like archaeologists are struggling to get track on wheel grooves.

Toolbox still intact .

This is where Pskov Russia is.
..hidden behind the former "Iron Curtain"