Sunday, March 31, 2013

1962 Nash Metropolitan

fellow i know in Utah has this unusual car, its all rebuilt, runs great, call mike 801 440 it away or can be shipped anywhere on the to bank wire transfer only, no paypal, no checks, or cash in person..

Saturday, March 23, 2013

I HATE CHINA.Afrikan elefants extinct in less than 10 years, thanks to China..

Below National Geographics film Battle for the Elephants  must watch...
Watch Full Episode on PBS. See more from Battle for the Elephants.
The whole episode is some 55 minutes,, worthy of your valuable time.

What kind of a pathetic parasite kills elefants , Rhinos, Lions ,Tigers??how completely morally vacant do you have to get ?

35,000 elefants massacred in Afrika every year for Airport gift shop crap like what you see above,, these are the very last years of the Afrikan elefant, Rhinos, lions, tigers...Chinese gangsters passing themselves off as Chinese govt officials pay off judges, game wardens, park rangers, South Afrikan courts etc to finish off the last 300,000 elefants,, Consider this in the year 1900. the Afrikan continent had 10 million elefants, by 1989 there were some 635,000... 

You can donate to 2 great charities that actually spend your donation saving elefants n rhinos,, and no they do not get fundraiser bonuses or pocket the vast majority of their donations as most profesional charities do...pls consider donating or just share these links..

Sunday, March 17, 2013

no front brake so 1927 or earlier, short height on the cylinders , might be a 31 cubic incher