Tuesday, January 26, 2010

WANTED Motorcycle Collector Magazine 1930 Indian 401 Four

WANTED ; MOTORCYCLE COLLECTOR MAGAZINE 1970s 1980s, I'm looking for the edition that has an article and fotos on motorcycle "collector-hoarder" Al Shirer of Allentown Pennsylvania...theres a foto of this bike among at least another 100 bikes piled up like cordwood.
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1937 Indian Sport Scout 100% correct

Just my observation but did the Indian front fender "moniker" evolve to the front fender lighted lamp? in the later Chiefs.

Can't miss Indian on the sidestand, footboard rubber, primary, carb cover and gastank!and battery box...
Evolution of the Indian motorcycle oil pump.

Coil under gas tank.

Flawless, perfect genuine 1937 Indian Sport Scout motorcycle restored by a Florida Indian rider.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The man behind the Bigfoot mystery...solved


Matt Olsens 606th Knucklehead and the 5th Knucklehead

The top foto is thee 5th Knucklehead produced and painstakingly restored by Matt and his father Carl Olsen. Below is Matt and his 606th Knucklehead produced, Pretty kool huh?
here are their links, check em out.
Supposedly sometime after the first 400 Knuckleheads were made the early step cam covers were discontinued and the next 2 smooth cam covers were introduced.
got a Knucklehead ? send me a foto to post..

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Excellent advice

You may need to click on the foto above to read this important public service message.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

1915 Harley Davidson replacement primary cover from Replicantmetals.com

I was very impressed to see folks are reproducing these primaries,
check this site out for your antique motorcycle needs, Believe me the originals are long gone and if you found one it would be junked out and rusted beyond repair.
look here

alot of great sites wont show up on a search engine like google..why? the sites have to go thru whats called a submission process to be found. so if i post them here, they will surface on this blog for you to find. got some great parts links ? email me.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

1920 Indian Scout and 1930 Indian 101 Scout Wall of Death bikes

More of Terry Marshs fleet, The yellow tanker is a 1930 101, it looks like it might be the "short couple" frame variety, most 101s have a longer frame, not much longer,

The red tanker is the 1920 Indian Scout ,note the different oil pump on the cam cover.

One sided wear on the tires, indicator of Wall of Death riding. 101s and early scouts are a blast to ride, super light weight, quick and great maneuverability, you can ride in really narrow diameter circles .
Yes , your motorcycles have to come first. Befor family,career, women... maybe not your dog..

Terrys 1904 Marsh motorcycle

Amazing 1904 Marsh motorcycle owned by Terry Marsh in Oregon. Made by one of his Marsh ancestors...
If you have any Marsh motorcycles or parts ,pls contact us!!! even if you just have questions.

Terrys flawless 1947 Roadmaster Indian Chief

Master restorer Terry Marshs Roadmaster...Immaculate...It takes alot of work to build a beautiful ,excellent running motorcycle.

German Panzer Relics Recovered in Eastern Europe

Some very heavy Panther tracks, I have collected over time.got any for sale?



Stug recovered in Finland

Found in Iraq

Recovered in France above, remains of American Sherman tank.

Estonia recovered Russian T34 w German insignia,

Austria recovered in river

Bulgaria recovered relics

I should rename the blog... all things Iron...If you like old motorcycles, old cars then relic tanks may be on your likes list. If you read French or German online news ,theres always articles on abandoned ordinance, tanks , etc. Heres a few. These are too valuable to just melt down for scrap steel. Probably end up in a restorers garage .The German offensive attacking Russia was a major undertaking ,
If you have fotos or relic stories , contact me.