Friday, February 10, 2012

Airedale terrier in 1916-24 HD sidecar

my friend found this great foto , i gotta think its a little foto shopped .. you can see the toolbox on the tank in front of the Corbin speedo, its got a amp gauge on top of the box, horn below headlight, ever notice the early bikes never had mirrors? no door to the outside off the boat.

Afrikan elefants extinct 2027..anything for a buck

 Ivory  what its all about ,, some ivory bullshit in a Hong Kong shop that came from a grisly murder of a majestic elephant...anything for money... money chasing bullshit

Pretty sad state of affairs, amazing cruelty, in the yr 1900 Afrika was estimated to have some 10 million Afrikan elefants, 1989 some 630,000, today some 300,000,, 2027 the only elefants left will be in zoos if not killed off by EHV-9 , Equine Herpes Virus 9 a killer of Asian elefants...

If you have ever seen these guys in real life , they are amazing, ...rhinos will be extinct in 10 years outside of zoos, ... anything for the almighty dollar..........


Afrikan govts abandon elefants to

Alfa Romeo dual side draft webers

I wanted to learn more about twin weber carb setups for Guilias and Guiliettas and fellow i know has this pair. the whole assembly w manifold bolts right up to the Guilias n Guiliettas 101 series Alfa Romeo, i had seen these on Feebay but didnt know if they fit the 1300 n 1600 engines.YES.

more motorcycle blog stuff coming..

Totenkopf Busby cabinet fotos

I had been interested in these unusual totenkopf death head skull emblems and found these very old cabinet foto cards, interesting stuff..not motorbike or car related but pretty kool.

2 1959 Mercedes Benz Pontons 180 220

fellow i know had these great ol Benz ponton sedans at his shop, dont know much about them , very kool ol cars...heres a site on them

Friday, February 03, 2012