Sunday, October 25, 2009

2 1915 Harley Davidson motorcycles

Here are 2 very nice Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Close up on the alemite screw on grease zirks.
Note the last year for round stock fender brackets, 1916 and up go w the flat channel fender brackets.

Look close at the speedo, you can read the Harley Davidson logo! and "oil" on cap for the oil side.

Even the original seat has the Harley Davidson bar and shield, how kool is that?

Acetyline tanker to run the headlight and taillight.

Presto-lite acetylene gas tanker gauge on tanker and some unique passenger footboards.

Non-Skid script on the tire tread...

One can also run the later small 3 bolt Linkert m16s and m18s to improve fuel delivery over the original issue Scheblers as this owner has.
Also here you can see the flat 1 year only shifter to accomodate the last years flat side tanks. 1915 is the last year for the small wine cork size gas caps. Was that to coincide w larger gas nozzles? at the gas station.
Dan wanted me to be sure to mention Terry Marsh of Oregon for helping him get his 1915 going w many rare hard to find parts, Terry has helped me out w my 1915 also. Great guy who I can consider an expert on 1915 HDs among others.
Thank you Dan and Damon for letting me run some great fotos on your bikes.
Production of singles and twins for 1915 are 16,645 motorbikes, heres 2 of them.
If you have a 1915 send me a foto to post....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Alfa Romeo 101 series Giulia front suspension spacer install

Above the 101 series 1300cc Giulietta w/out the hood "intake" .
Above the 101 series 1600cc Giulia , taller engine and the "intake" on the hood to accomodate it.

Finnally installed the front suspension spacers so the 1963 Giulia Spider rides higher w/out smashing the front fender panel. This doesnt appear to be a factory problem w the Giulietta series w the smaller 1300cc engine but the heavier 1600 cc engine it creates a factory problem w/out a solution from Alfa Romeos Giulia series cars,the spacer can only fit at the top of the spring, no shock adjustment will overcome this bottoming out problem, Tony Stevens at
sells these spacers and many other essential parts.
Another great parts resource is