Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gorgious Ferrari Enzo

I dont think the folks at Ferrari had to go to the Italian government to get a pile of bailout cash (the new Welfare)and $100 million dollar bonuses for do-nothing executives to build cars like this.then stick the bill to you and your great grandchildren... What do you think?
i know the blog is old bikes, old cars but these are just too kool. i think i'd live in my car if my car looked like this and not some derelict van...

Italian styled motorcycles in Castlenuovo Italy..Aldo Querio Gianetto

Heres just a few of Aldo Querio Gianetto 's bikes made in CastleNuovo Italy, a friend in Turin sent me the link , Italians have a tremendous sense of style in everything..

its near Milan in Northern Italy.

even in 2010 leafspring forks originally designed by Indian are still liked.

For some reason blogger is down and i cant load more fotos, be sure to check out the link, great machines, its not a big deal buying and selling bikes overseas.
Blogger is working again and here are a few of Aldo Querio Gianetto 's stable of bikes, you can go buy one and cruise down the Amalfi Coast to Naples.

Monday, November 16, 2009

1911 Harley Davidson single from Timeless Motor Company

Genuine 1911 HD single engine in Timeless Motor Company's chasis, Immaculate.

to buy this bike or see more visit

You can just see the HD numbers below the cylinder.
In 1911 HD produced 5625 motorcycles.

Harley Davidson Milwaukee you can read on the bottom of the case.

Clutch lever. If you have a early engine contact Timeless at the link above and you can put your engine in a chasis and back into service, who else is doing that????????? Or see their other Timeless bikes. The engines surface ,but the whole bikes and chasis seldom surface now in 2009.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Visitor map on bottom of page status

So if you like the bike blog, its gotten quite a few visits since i started it for just my friends, From the map I havent conquered the interior of Afrika or Russia or China or Greenland or the interior of Australia or the interior of South America yet. What the fucks in China or Greenland ?The maps are so sophisticated one can ID the visitors IP adress and exact location, how CIA is that?

1914 Indian motorcycle EV model

This is a restored 1914 Indian model EV twin owned by Frank Zygmunt . you can buy it here
Heres a antique foto of the same era bike.

Thats a really large intake manifold, HDs have the manifold lower , not at the top .and some really long push rods, no push rod tube covers, oil tank behind the rear cylinder vs above. Note the horizontal positioning of the spark plugs.

Look at those leafsprings, almost like they were borrowed from a sidecar, works in the front so probably a good idea for rear suspension in 1914. Round stock fender brackets just like on HDS of the same time period.

Toolbox,lunchbox, speeding ticket holder..I'll look up some production numbers to compare to HD.