Friday, December 27, 2013

Saturday, December 21, 2013

1955 Porsche  got shot 3 coats urethane from
i used a acid etched primer so that limited me to use a urethane vs an epoxy primer...

1920s-1930s Indian vs HD taillights

the 1st 2 taillights are 1936 n earlier HD, the last w the red lens is from 1930 Four and is for 101s Chiefs , ,, i need 1 more taillight like the red lensed Indian.. So take a look the 1 piece HD Knuckle ,Flathead VL -VLH  taillight n compare it to the 3 piece middle taillight as found on singles n DL bikes etc,,

i found another project Mercedes ponton , this ones a 1960 190D, before the owner died he primered the outside n inside, its 98% complete , with zero rust,,,someone robbed the heater boxes, Blaupunkt, n some other small parts but it should fire up w a 8hrs work.

Friday, December 06, 2013

Poncos 1947 Knuckle and Indian four in Indonesia....
 1937 and 1938

It dont get better than this,, Poncos fleet

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Waffen ss 6th division flag EBAY FAKES from Latvia

Whats hilarious about fleabay  is the regular sale of A-Z of fake militaria, etc  this seller lists the same flag from what  must be a stack of them  every other month..Made in Latvia or Czech Republic, , the staining on the white area is done w tea , or sometimes lightly burned, then theres the piles n piles of faked holocaust stars of david n armbands,,,n prisoner tunics that look like striped pajamas  off the rack from Old Navy...theres a sucker born every minute...

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Still another PayPal Ebay scam...gotta love this one

so my friend sells a motorcycle part on ebay to Africa... As soon as he sees the location of the buyer , he knows the buyer is either a fraud or the postal thieves will grab it,, So he goes to his Paypal acct to legitimately refund the "buyer" ....what does paypal do?? they charge a fee to refund the money to the buyer , then a triple whammy... paypal charges his bank account the amount of money of that he technically sold it for because according to paypal , the Afrikans money had not been collected to refund the afrikan buyer... smooth crooks...and 3, ebay charges a fee for selling it even though he refunded the "buyers" money...
my advice
DO NOT EVER accept paypal for more than you can afford to lose, for me its $500... you will get zero to little help resolving problems w paypal or ebay...
DO NOT EVER sell or ship to South America, Mexico, Asia , (Japan is Ok, ) Spain, ..Africa,.Russia, Ukraine, never the middle east...Your asking for it....
DO NOT EVER and I MEAN DO NOT EVER LINK YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS OR CREDIT CARDS to are asking for it,,,DO NOT EVER LET THEM HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR PERSONAL BANKING,, WHEN fraud hits your account , they r going to do little to nothing to help you, you are going to battle it out w a new customer service person every time , re-explaining  the whole mess every time
Always ship w signature required and delivery confirmation!
i personally will only ship to Europe, France , Netherlands, Germany , Belgium, Scandinavia, the UK, thats it...
if your foreign buyer cannot pay from a bank to bank wire transfer,, DO NOT BOTHER, this is how honest folks do business, .NO WESTERN UNION etc...DONT DO IT.
Scammers overseas love the loose policies of Ebay n Paypal,,, you send out a $2000 laptop w signature required,delivery confirmation etc,, they recieve it, keep it, they file a "not as described" case aginst you , they ship back a box of diapers , long as they provide Paypal or Ebay a tracking number that it was shipped,, they get reimbursed, now they have the item n they have your money... Think you are gonna get any genuine help from paypal or ebay??? think again... you will talk to a different person every time , re explaining from a to z your experience..... love to hear your ebay paypal horror stories

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Friday, October 25, 2013

the coming disaster

Worlds largest German ww2 helmet

No its not Herman Gorings bathtub... almost...
more here........
I collect ww1-ww2 helmets east German , WW1 WW2 German, US, Italian , Russian , Dutch,Swedish , French . WW1 Pickelhaube spiked helmets etc,, but this one is amazing...

Friday, October 11, 2013

1922 Indian Chief engine discovered

Fellow sent me fotos of a 1922 engine he found,, here r a few fotos i found on the net of this early Chief engine n bike.If these r your fotos,,,THANK YOU! We are looking for the rest of the bike or just the engine parts for now, cam cover , gears , oil pump, mag, carb,, what have you got? please email me on the contact page ,profile page..Years back i had a wreck 1922 chief that was recovered from a fire,, not a whole lot there , .                                                                                                                                                   

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tiger tanks

 Great foto of a Tiger tank getting an engine exchange...all were straight gasoline not diesel..