Friday, July 07, 2006

Easyrider revisited, 1936-37 Chief Chopper

there still out there, well at least till i find them.....I bought this to get to the stock original powerplant, these are really tough to find . has a HD front end & a 5 gallon buckets worth of bondo, but its all Indian Chief......heres a foto of what it probably looked like when it left Springfield , ?Sure is a great old bike, i was going to sell off the chasis , but now I'm thinking of loading a later Chief powerplant in it & putting Chief tanks back on it,,,,,,,we'll see....

Eastern Front German WW2 Bmws R12 R35

this foto looks like probably the Ukraine , the bike is probably a early bmw r2 or early r35, note the "Indian" like leaf spring front end. smiling fellows, before their demise in the east.
This looks to be a Zundapp, there not deer hunting,one had to have a reliable machine under these circumstances.

Well , heres my 1941 R12 & 1949 R35....The R12 has panzer grey underneath the Afrika Korps Tan & Green........this is probably one of the last most original ww2 German R12s left on earth,My friend i bought it from told me as the Germans retreated & were being wiped out , it was abandoned in a German bunker in a farmers field, in Latvia..He thinks it was probably Waffen SS & good chance of being from the notorious ss division Totenkopf....the R35 is a post war bike but still a true BMW & not an EMW , Eisenach motor works, in the former east germany. Both need plenty of service , but will ride again soon......sep 25/2006 i drove the r35 down the street & back, oil leak & weak engine, needs rebuild..... So finnally Boretech in Ohio finished the cylinders, new valves, pistons etc some $1800 for that, theres no one in the USA i could trust w this kind of work, Vech the BMW god recomended them...So now to install, set the timing to the rebuilt mag/dynamo. & not get pissed off..........