Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bikers in Afrika
waiting on the bus

i think this is the rare 2600.. i have only ever seen 1 of these ,

1940 BMW WW2 R12 timing made easy

 Boris saved from a killing shelter guards R35.
 flex flashlight to eyeball TDC thru sparkplug hole.Remove the head.
 The black felt marked line is where the pistons stops at, now go an additional 13mm w your calipers.
 Have your points open where the piston is at 13mm b4 TDC as in foto above. w the retard-advanced lever down...its  in the relaxed position is advanced, the gap is less than .22
 remove plug wire so you can see the brass on the mag..Its timed.. wasted plenty of time  trying to decipher other folks hieroglyphics and Mayan stella,,, it dont get easier than this....pull the head and the plug wire from the same side....If you are careful you can gently remove the mag w the sprocket on. put a tool under the timing chain, set your mag, gently position the mag back in place..my chain had just a little slack to let me ease it out.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pit Bulls killed in Southern California = 200 a day

200 pit bull dogs are killed in Southern California shelters every day.. 200...thee most killed dog globally...PLEASE do not breed Pit Bulls, if u ever want a puppy i will find u one...where ever u live.
Spay Neutor.  did you know many animal controls know of free spay n neutor programs? its cheap to fix em, they cant reproduce n if fixed as very young dogs , it knocks out breast, ovarian , and other cancers that occur in older dogs..any child or dog or cat beaten n abused can be turned into unpredictable monsters..even a poodle..

Did you know that "Pit Bulls" are currently the number one bred dog in the United States? Ironically, they are also one of the hardest breeds to find homes. It is estimated that there is a current average of 3 million "Pit Bulls" living in the United States and only 1 in 600 will successfully find a "forever" home. Sadly, for every 1 "Pit Bull" placed in a loving home there are 599 killed. Shockingly, that statistic unfortunately does not exclude puppies!

Roughly 200 "Pit Bulls" are killed each day in Los Angeles alone because there are not enough homes for the ever-growing population of unwanted dogs in that area. This is a frustrating problem due to over-breeding either intentionally or accidentally. Either way you look at it, it comes down to irresponsible actions by irresponsible and or greedy humans. Many people may not realize that any dog not spayed or neutered is a potential contributor to this terrible problem. The average fertile dog can produce 2 litters in one year. The average number of puppies in a canine litter is 6-10. In six years, one female dog and her offspring can theoretically produce 67,000 dogs..many or most of which will end up dead.

There are between 4,000 and 6,000 animal shelters in the United States. The number of cats and dogs entering those shelters each year is roughly 6-8 million! However, only 30% of the dogs and 2%-5% of the cats are actually reclaimed by their owners. This means the total number of cats and dogs euthanized by shelters annually is 3-4 million! It is estimated that 1 million of those dogs are "Pit Bulls".

Shelters in large cities across the U.S. typically find themselves with a "Pit Bull" population of anywhere from 40% to 60% of the total shelter population and a national average of 33%. Many shelters needing more space will opt to euthanize "Pit Bulls" before any other type of dog due to this overwhelming number. 75% of shelters nationwide will euthanize all "Pit Bulls" entering the facility without ever giving them a chance to be adopted…some more lenient organizations may give the dogs a mere 24 hour grace period before administering the lethal injection. A study done by Animal People reports that the "Pit Bull" euthanasia rate in shelters is at approximately 93% on average which means that ultimately only 7% of all homeless "Pit Bulls" in America will find a "forever" home.

Surely you can see how over-breeding has negatively affected the lives of so many dogs. It is a fact that "Pit Bull" breeders are directly responsible for a significant percentage of the estimated 1 million "Pit Bulls" killed by euthanasia each year nationwide. Now I ask, why breed or buy while so many homeless dogs die?

The "Pit Bull" breeding trend will continue to impact this growing issue of overpopulation in America as long as Americans continue to buy "Pit Bulls". Start making a difference by adopting a "Pit Bull" at your local shelter or visit any one of the websites listed below to view thousands of wonderful, perfectly healthy dogs nationwide waiting to be adopted by a loving family. You can save a life and change these statistics one dog at a time!