Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

1955 Porsche 356 gets steel

The new steel came off a 1956-59 Porsche 356 coupe, this area is slightly different. plenty of work , previous owner was a master bondo guy, not a master welder.

for a coupe recovered from the desert of Southern California, it had alot of rust, like a Pennsylvania car.

Heres the other side moth eaten , where the previous bondo master had added flares,...runs everyday..just looks like hell.

What could this possibly refer to BMW cryptic ?

This was on a car in the shop today, factory decal,,what could this possibly refer to??

This was my pet panda

I trained him for portrait photography

This was my pet bear when i was a kid

True Story

Sunday, November 27, 2011

2000 BMW R1200 Brembo brake service,,not Bimbo!

2 front brake calipers..1 per side

1 rear brake caliper

BMW knockoff brakes,,,low cost on FEebay

14.000 miles later..not much neighbors toddlers could load these on while watching TeleTubbies, its that easy...the only hold up is on the rear caliper , load the one brake disk last from the non caliper side , then slide the pin into place..bleed n go...I love riding the old iron but sometimes you just wanna go w/out having to monkey w small issues.

Alfa Romeo 101 series Giulia Guilietta other models heater

This is the complete heater fan assembly heater core unit out of the 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider, same for all the 101 and other models, i doubt this has ever been apart since it left Milan in 1960s, fan works, mini radiator heater core has no leaks or plugged up channels, if it did you can just pour a very small amount of acid thru it , or radiator flush, ,these units dont put out alot of heat anyway..thats what they look like , so you can see whats missing on yours, 3 bolts to secure to dash. i think a hair dryer puts out more heat..

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Florida executes another death row inmate,,,finnally

1936 Knucklehead service

Note the rounded down tube...above 1936 only.

Close-up on the 1936 and up neck and you can just see at the bottom of the foto the "telescopic" down tubes of the forks, 1 tube into another. and the exposed rocker assemblies of 1936 and 1937.

Another close up on the 1936 front head, So when you find them you know what you are looking at,... Had to pull the engine , machine the oil pump surface, we think there may have been a air leak at the interface of the oil pump n case surface... never ever encountered this, and do a proper case fit as the cases leaked, plenty of work , but do it right once and you can put plenty of miles on a properly built engine.

Nice to work on my own stuff for a change.

Alfa Romeo 101 series fuel tank sending unit maintenance

Heres the sending unit w the "Pinot Noir wine bottle cork" from the factory in Milan. So you can see as the lever n cork swing from buoyancy it moves the metal lever on the copper toaster area which is reflected on the gas gauge. This unit failed and before i opted to buy a new one from Centerline in Colorado i thought to brush clean off all the rust , debris at the terminals n clean up the wires n connections etc..Thats all it took to bring the fuel gauge back. Of course these old style gauges fluctuate from E to F as you drive because the cork is moving in the fuel tank . A modern Benz or Nissan wont do that.

a real cluster fuck , when you come back to clean up someone elses wiring...Sometimes all it takes is running new wire , cleaning terminals w a metal brush on a Dremel or drill to restore function.

This will be the same for most antique vehicles.

Why I will never ever visit China

The most cruelty to animals, to man’s best friend, was picked up by Treehugger e...nvironmental news website, where stray puppies are being cooked alive and eaten by people in eastern China.
This story deals with the pup being lured to the person doing the cooking by an offer of a morsel of food, which the starving animal could not pass up. The poor creature is them grabbed, impaled on a tong, and literally cooked alive. How the person doing this can disregard the animal’s screams and squirming while being roasted is beyond this writer.
In many parts of the world, dogs, and even cats are consumed as food – especially in eastern Asia. But to cook the creature while it is still alive is a form of cruelty that goes way beyond human decency, and is a practice that should have been relegated to the Dark Ages...

My blog is motorcycles , cars, anything metal... If you know me you know i love animals,, and i know motorcycle and car folks and airplane folks are some of the best people on the globe,We live in an extremely cruel, barbaric world where some folks like this woman live in the stone age...If you find her you know what to do...this puppy didnt deserve to be lured by this witch and be cooked alive and eaten, China and Romania lead the globe in human rights violations n animal cruelty...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

great old Steve McQueen foto

Great old Steve McQueen foto..yrs back i had the remains of a 1934 Sport Scout that belonged to him. Anyone can identify this bike?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

101 Scout Wall of Death foto

a fellow on that Facebook on the Indian motorbikes had this foto, anyone out there know who the rider might be or any info?

Wednesday, November 09, 2011