Tuesday, March 07, 2006

1930 Indian FOUR motorcycle


heres my 1930 Indian Four , i have gathered some missing items like carb,chainguard, toolbox, xtra magneto, i still need a du-5 generator & bracket ,dash etc, i feel bad its not done yet, i'm just going to rebuild the powerplant & leave the original paint as is. i'll post the previous owners name, Al Shirer ,who was a Indian dealer in Allentown PA, who believe it or not had some +470 Indians etc, i'll find that foto & post it,
The foto was in a old motorcycle magazine called Motorcycle Collector , i'm guessing it was in the 1980s. If anyone has a copy of Motorcycle Collector w an article on Al Shirer and his world of motorcycles , please write me or comment, love to post that foto of the 100s of motorcycles tossed in this massive pile...
Indian at some point bought out ACE ,is that right? Ace fours are the precursor to the early Indian Fours, its mine now.Terry Krumm in Austin Texas is rebuilding the engine, you won't find a finer engine builder.
Progress is really slow turned out the engine had every years worth of wrong parts thrown in,
should be a runner this year.Alot of mechanics are just scared of Fours, one must do whats called an offsett line bore,


newloghere said...

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oldtownboys said...

Looks nice! Awesome content. Good job guys.

Anonymous said...

Excellente blog my friend.I am trying to find a manual for the INDIAN scout 101 year 1928 ,¿ can you help me ? A handshake for you,and for your excellent friend and companion,KOko.Greetings from Argentina.

Unknown said...

John Brown headlamp is before 1930. 1930 was the 1st year for the 'pointed shell' and the only one with the side-stalks.

BUT if the VIN is early, it might still be correct as Indian's wont was to use up parts.

Unknown said...

Anonymous check http://www.101scout.org/