Sunday, October 30, 2011

Zundapp ks750

The auction Kahn-Dumousset had items as expected. To outward looked poor, but the essentials were most original in case of the bikes. This Z├╝ndapp KS750 sold at 15k:

I'm on this yahoo Kradriders forum to learn about ww2 German bikes, and the Forum leader posted this auction foto... too kool to not post...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

I'm glad Boeing 787 Dreamliners arent built in China

Back to servicing the knucklehead, oil pump failure, poor job on engine case assembly by long ago owner,.. so i'm reassembling my knuckle n i got these "cast iron piston pin keepers" to secure..holy fuck batman.. these made in the peoples republic of lead painted childrens toys...are made out of cheap cast iron... not the proper spring tension metal, and they r missing the 2 holes for the ring expander to fit in , see foto... so some part not worth a fraction of a penny can take out your motorcycle. truthfully i'm thankful that country doesnt build passenger aircraft...what a disaster if they did...imagine how poorly made their nuclear weapons must be?? next to the busted rings u can see a set i think for r12,,, w the proper holes.