Saturday, August 20, 2011

Genuine as-is 1913 Harley Davidson twin

Above is a advert for this 1913...98 years ago...

Unbelievable 1913 HD twin...the real deal. owner is considering selling this... i would sell the kids , wife,girlfriend, grandparents first...but never my dogs...So he has asked me to entertain some bids, you are welcome to email me at the profile/contact page, leaving an offer on the comment page good.. email me and i will contact owner...

So you can see its a 1913 HD, no footboards or the brackets on frame for footboards, 1913 would still be a single speed hub in rear wheel, 1914 gets the first year for a 2 speed .Note the manifold has a opening on it.No pushrod tube covers until 1914 models. Gas tanks w separate oil tank below seat. Why the motor company doesnt buy all these up is beyond me.. I'd get an aircraft hangar and fill it. What ever is missing is available as excellent high quality reproductions.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Consider being a vegetarian or vegan

I dont push my beliefs or agendas on anyone. I apreciate the folks who read my blog n send me fotos, input...I have been vegetarian 11 years, best thing I could ever have done, Please consider the brutality n cruelty of eating cows, pigs, chickens etc.If I influence 1 person w this post..thats great... meat diets have zero fiber, high risk of colon cancer among other cancers, plant based diets equal increased health longevity, weight management,...Sir Paul is vegetarian , last year i saw him perform in concert, he has the energy of a 20 something. I'll continue posting motorcycle n auto related topics, so send me fotos.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

1940 WW2 BMW R12 front brake cable service

Harbor Freight here in USA has great tools ,like this motorcycle stand..

Missing the correct cone style front wheel spacer...previous driver used worn out Timken berring assemblies as spacers!

New cable, as-is original rust and paint...

Front brake lever w new cable.I did have to grind the brake cable end piece keeper to fit inside the front brake cable assembly, So its not just swapping out parts.

Blown apart front brake cable and new Made in Germany replacement..not that made in the "Peoples Republic of I dont give a fuque" or "its on the boat..its your junk now"

Give yourself a little xtra cable so it fits correct. I did have to Dremel grind off 6 inches of outer cable to get it to fit...

Interior splined front brake drum.. I was looking for the splined part that mated to it,,not here..Turns out the R12 front drum is the same as the R12 rear drum , so no the splined parts not missing,, Being that the front spacer was missing i just assumed the splined part mating to this was another for the missing or lost parts lot.

Note the paper thin front brake pads, 72 yrs later ...worn out ..but at least it wasnt metal on metal..So next re-pad the front shoes,,so the bike stops with not just the rear brakes.. Theres always the "Fred Flintstone" braking option.

The tires are very old Russian tires someone added postwar in Latvia to keep riding it after the wartime tires wore out, the tread passes safety but the sidewalls are dried out.

Everything you ever wanted to know about BMW R12 bikes...look here

The R12 is a major blast to ride.