Tuesday, June 30, 2009

WW2 BMW R12 , NSU , Indian Chief , Four , old fotos

1928-30 Indian Four , If I'm correct the last year for the tank in the frame
is 1931, 1932 starts w 2 gas tank halves. correct me if i"m wrong.
Teens Indian, my guess 1913-15, check out the acetylene gas tanker and headlight, no electrics here. As a rule I always wear a bow tie riding my teens Indian to yacht club banquets too.

1920s era Scout, cylinders are small so i'm guessing Scout, check out the long gas tank inside the frame rail.
WW2 era BMW R12.
Another ww2 BMW R12.

WW2 NSU if I'm correct.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

1929 Indian 101 Scout motorcycle...slow progress.

1928-31 are the production years for the Indian 101 scout , made in 37 and 45 cubic inchers.
very fast and quick bikes even in the smaller engine size. Luckily i get alot of good fotos sent to me. The above 101 has twin seats, seldom encountered. behind that is 1 kool future hotrod........

This 101 foto shows the lamp crossover bar on the handlebars, if you look carefully you can see these are the original clincher style rims, most folks update to the drop center or modern rims,
I exclusively use Coker Tires for my tire needs, my plug for them is genuine. best around for all bikes .
1929 101 rear wheel w primitive external band braking, just the exact opposite of brake shoes pushing outward to press against the drum, here the brake shoe is on the outside pressing in, great until it gets wet or oil slings up on it. The old technology goes back to early bikes in the teens, HD used the same system, Indian went to drums in 1931.If I didnt know better my guess ;the old carcinogen asbestos was what these bands were made of, i could be wrong .

1929 101 Scout roller, replaced the rear wheel, handlebars and gas tank. The engine , trans is being rebuilt presently.......whatever that means.......super easy to rebuild, its not the space shuttle.
Living rooms are the best places to keep your bikes, they stay dry. and its a good gauge of folks who share your motorcycle passion. Just not running bikes, the gasoline stink is bad news. Wide French doors are critical for easy movement inside to outside.
This one just needs the easy parts, headlight , taillight, exhaust, ..the originals are long gone to history, present day knockoffs are excellent.Its still got some original paint , so i'll leave that. A former California wall of death bike is the only history i have on it. Most Indian motorcycle folks will agree, Indian 101 scouts are the best Indian bikes made. Idiot proof and bulletproof reliability. You dont have to have hands the size of a toddler to work on them,