Friday, May 05, 2006

German Uboat u53 at Newport Rhode Island oct 1915

i collect Uboat postcards ww1 & ww2, heres a unusual foto i bought, if i'm reading the records correctly from , u53 surrendered after sinking 90 ships, in dec 1918 , scrapped out in Swansea, there were 6 of this Mittel-U class made in Kiel by Germaniawerft, this was A Friedrich Krupp ship building facility, click on the foto, its amazing, right off the east coast, who took the foto?another uboat? perhaps ,came from a east coast estate, could it have been sent by a uboat crew member to his American relative on the east coast? who knows. I have quite a few postcards i'll post, mostly ww1. These sailors were some tough bastards, their boats were very primitive .no pleasure cruise here....

Old Motorcycle fotos,

Henderson four? 1913 HD twin. i had a 1913 twin engine ,got ripped off in a deal & it went to a museum in Sturgis, really regret ever selling that engine, no footboards till 1914

1911 belt drive.... great foto showing the details.i once had a 1911-12 single belt drive frame. never imagined i'd build a early single. another regret!

looks like a 1919-23 J series, higher forks,rounded tanks vs the 1915 & earlier flat tanks.wonder where this bike is now?

I think this is 1911,......1910 & earlier, the front downtube was bent inward , not straight, its a leather belt drive too,Someone once told me HD outlasted the other bike builders because it was a fanily business.....their names were on the gas tanks....excellent point.

Heres some great old bike fotos, if you know the old iron you'll be able to id the yr of each. I'll add more as i find sure has changed.