Friday, May 21, 2010

Porsche 356 6 volt to 12 volt wiper motor conversion

Last of the 6 volt to 12 volt conversion issues for Porsche 356 6 volt autos, left side is the original SWF 6 volt VW wiper motor. right side is the SWF 12 volt wiper motor out of a 1967 VW bug. Early Porsche used VW parts. So finding the wiper motors are easy. Obviously the rotating shafts are different. without having to machine a new shaft, the SWF folks made it easy, just remove the 4 bolts and swap out the lower gear assemblies. they are identical, pack w new grease, bolt up and go. You will not have to use a step up/down transformer/coil to go from 6 volt to 12 volt. has the 10 inch wiper blades. maybe a VW site does too.

Zundapp ks600 fleet

i just need 1 of those bikes.
foto courtesy Wilhelm at

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

1949 BMW R35

my little Rat BMW R35, ..worst part of working on this was the nonstop blood loss at the pushrod tube covers , the only way i could stop it was using the rubber "hose" gasket at the top and bottom of the covers where they interface w the head and engine, secured w o ring clamps. until i can figure out what BMW did originally to stop the leaks. Is it EMW or BMW? the headstock data plate says BMW, the rear wheel is off of a later mystery BMW, but it works. Needs a shift gate and a better seat . its a mixed breed bastard but its fun, always runs, hasnt left me stranded yet. You can get some parts in USA but , Ebay Germany is best and least expensive..

1915 Harley Davidson twin mint condition

Last year for the very small screw in gascaps.
Flawless 1915 HD
fotos courtesy
have an early HD or other mc, send me fotos, glad to post a link to your site.

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1915 Harley Davidson Introduces the 3 Speed Twin

In 5 years its 100 years old...

More garage sale iron

1915 and 1916 Harley Davidson twins w sidecars in Omaha

Just got this reprint of a 1915 electric model twin and a 1916 electric model. Checkout the long axle on the left side 1915 bike, the flat tanker on the left is 1915 and on the right a 1916 w curved corner tanks,. In all my yrs w old bikes i have never ever seen a 1915-16 era battery.
Great old foto, no helmets here. Great old iron. You can just barely see the little lunchbox on the top of the 1915, it probably had an Amp gauge on the top too. It wasnt really for carrying sandwiches! I'm just screwing w you. tools, plugs ,service manual...