Wednesday, April 18, 2012

1935 Indian Scout antique foto

Surprisingly the rear Scout fenders fits on a rigid Chief of the same time period.When u bump these engines up to 57 cubic inches , they fly down the highway .

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wall of Death Indian Scout 101 Lion sidecar rider

Anyone on the interweb know anything more about this foto?
Jesse comes thru w the answers...The fotos may not be all related, there may have been more than 1 rider using lions in these kind of shows.. I collect very old postcards n fotos n have never seen this b4.

the fearless Egbert and his pet lion

Monday, April 16, 2012

Barrys 57 cubic inch Indian Sport Scout

1940 front frame section and motor 741 rear frame section and front end 57 cubic inch sport scout with jr scout sheet metal... 57 cubic inch is just about 900cc,,, very fast for a light weight bike

Friday, April 13, 2012

Saturday, April 07, 2012

1959 Mercedes Benz Ponton 180 gasoline model

Looks like someone punched it in the eye..

4 door coupe , shorter than the 220 series.

bumper brackets broken..taillight lens worn is good...

Some shit 4 brains tried to rob the windshield n broke it...

Cancered out fenders from poor undercoating ...ez fix..

Same imbecile robbed the original fuel pump so i found a knockoff that works...unknown maker, not Weber or Webcon... no idea who or where its made ,,but it functions..filthy dirt ...

rebuilt generator installed.53 years later electrical components always need service although the voltage regulator was in mint condition.

No wonder it doesnt shift in gear properly... someone robbed this intermediate round linkage bracket....GOT ONE? i need it..

Generator mounts here...

C.A.E. Alternators Starters in Van Nuys rebuilt the generator,FAST and as u can see a fantastic job...very reasonable cost,, highly reccomend...

B4 on the generator,, rusty crusty, poor output..

Fires up right away, engine was stored w fresh oil, no keys so I ran a toggle hot wire off the ignition, next to add a kill toggle from positive terminal coil to toggle to positive terminal battery, if u dont wire it as factory or do a direct wire battery to coil the coil gets HOT n fails... Some folks add electronic ignition to these old cars,, worth considering. Next is to source that linkage bracket as in foto above, Reverse seems to function only if u start car w clutch in n Reverse engaged,,, have to figure that out...for a car that sat for 15 some odd years its in pretty good condition, from what i read its the preferred series over the next series of Heckflosse Finback cars Benz produced, I'm NO Benz expert but i can learn is a fun old car...