Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mercedes Benz 1959 180 Ponton starter gear clutch

 non starter side of ring gear,
 rebuilt clutch pack and pressure plate and throw out bearing , maybe the spring tension was just too whipped to use, the 3 fingers had some wear ,
worn out starter solenoid causes these chewed up teeth, here you can see that you cannot just flip the ring gear and use the other side, special grooves to engage starter gear... no where could i find a reference to the correct teeth on a 180... theres 108 teeth on a 180 starter gear.. to swap . just mark exactly where the old starter gear mounts , torch heat just the gear till it gets hot expands and falls off. reverse to install.

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Charlie101 said...

In a pinch I think it is possible to grind leading grooves at the other side. I can search for a new or better one if you like. I don't have a contact for Merc parts right now but there's enthusiast clubs around.