Thursday, June 27, 2013

1955 Porsche progress

 Removed a pound of bondo w a propane torch and found more steel repairs to make,
 rear sections are pretty much done

 here you can see where einstein flared out the front fenders,, not sure how to approach un-doing this.
how much bondo if any is hidden in the nose?


Charlie101 said...

The flares have stretched metal. You need to shrink parts of it with heat, hammer and anvil. Start to flatten without heat as far as you can from the less stretched portions at the lower parts in the opening, and when you can't flatten without creasings it is time to heat in a concentrated point right on the crease where there is too much metal, until the metal is red hot and titting up, then a couple of careful light hammer blows right on the tit with the anvil behind, and cool the area cautious not too quickly with a wet rag. Straighten next portion again until next crease and repeat.

Charlie101 said...
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Charlie101 said...

It was a double posting. The propane heater is too cool for shrinking, you need an acetylen fine tipped burner for hotter and more concentrated heat.