Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why I will never ever visit China

The most cruelty to animals, to man’s best friend, was picked up by Treehugger e...nvironmental news website, where stray puppies are being cooked alive and eaten by people in eastern China.
This story deals with the pup being lured to the person doing the cooking by an offer of a morsel of food, which the starving animal could not pass up. The poor creature is them grabbed, impaled on a tong, and literally cooked alive. How the person doing this can disregard the animal’s screams and squirming while being roasted is beyond this writer.
In many parts of the world, dogs, and even cats are consumed as food – especially in eastern Asia. But to cook the creature while it is still alive is a form of cruelty that goes way beyond human decency, and is a practice that should have been relegated to the Dark Ages...

My blog is motorcycles , cars, anything metal... If you know me you know i love animals,, and i know motorcycle and car folks and airplane folks are some of the best people on the globe,We live in an extremely cruel, barbaric world where some folks like this woman live in the stone age...If you find her you know what to do...this puppy didnt deserve to be lured by this witch and be cooked alive and eaten, China and Romania lead the globe in human rights violations n animal cruelty...

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