Thursday, November 17, 2011

Alfa Romeo 101 series fuel tank sending unit maintenance

Heres the sending unit w the "Pinot Noir wine bottle cork" from the factory in Milan. So you can see as the lever n cork swing from buoyancy it moves the metal lever on the copper toaster area which is reflected on the gas gauge. This unit failed and before i opted to buy a new one from Centerline in Colorado i thought to brush clean off all the rust , debris at the terminals n clean up the wires n connections etc..Thats all it took to bring the fuel gauge back. Of course these old style gauges fluctuate from E to F as you drive because the cork is moving in the fuel tank . A modern Benz or Nissan wont do that.

a real cluster fuck , when you come back to clean up someone elses wiring...Sometimes all it takes is running new wire , cleaning terminals w a metal brush on a Dremel or drill to restore function.

This will be the same for most antique vehicles.

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