Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Christians 1940 Knucklehead in Denmark

heres a great 1940 Knucklehead daily rider that belongs to my friend Christian in Denmark, bobbed front fender used on the rear, updated modern carb , 1/2 moon boards correct for 1940 and up. Surprisingly these beloved Knuckles n Panheads w original parts are just fewer every year, major blast to ride, ..

Christian is looking for a Chief runner or project in Sweden, Denmark, UK, Germany ,France..or somewhat closer to Sweden...If you have one you want to sell contact me on the profile contact page and i will fwd it,, truthfully gang if i post your email all you'll get is scam-spam and my favorite emails from Nigerian Royalty about your missing millions $$$ ..how folks fall for that crap is beyond me, i thought you get smarter the longer you live..

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