Thursday, May 19, 2011

1936 Indian Sport Scout as-is

Note no pogo spring plunger, using the old style seat springs for suspension.

the complete rear fender is hinged.

This Scout would also have a rear stand.not just the sidestand here, The Chief sidestand would have "Indian" cast into it.

Narrow spokes vs the very thick spokes found on the 1935 and 1936 Chiefs.

One single spring for front suspension.

The early style oil pump w distributor.

1934 is the beginning of the 2 piece keystone frames for scout models ,continued thru the last scouts of 1942. 45 cubic incher, one could bring the engine up to 60 cubic inch OR one could buy a Chief. Yes plenty of aftermarket parts available to make this a daily rider. very kool indeed! My Indian experience started w Scouts, faster than HD 45s . This is why i started this blog, to share w readers these very kool historical fun motorcycles as found...


Steve@strathbran said...

looks like it has all the difficult to find parts there... a great project for someone 8-)

Jansen Kos said...

Hi. Whats the best price you would accept on the bike? Thanks

belinfante said...

not 4 sale at any price