Saturday, September 26, 2009

Magnetzünder BMW R12 magdynamo vs R11 R62 R42 Bosch mag

I have this unusual Bosch mag-dynamo that only sparks in the counterclockwise orientation. It physically fits on an R12 but of course isnt compatible, a R12 needs a Bosch mag that sparks in the clockwise orientation. Its been rebuilt w plug wires etc and it sparks hot. I have no idea what model it fits , Zundapp or other antique BMW bike. Whenever i post anything on this blog i get plenty of replies , so if you really know what model it fits , email me at the contact page, its available if you need it..

Heres a link to a site that sells NEW replacement magdynamos, so truthfully why waste time and money rebuilding temperamental old junk mags, these new ones have the solid state electrics vs the old points,

UPDATE just learned the opposite rotation mag-dynamo Magnetzünder is a R11 R62 R42 magdynamo..i dont need it so if someone out there needs it email , it can be converted for about $1000 to be a r12 mag-dynamo by these folks

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