Friday, September 11, 2009

1928 Indian 101 Scout,1927 Scout and Camel-back

1928 101 in red and black, 1927 and 1900s Camel-back
My friend Pat built these a few yrs back. The 1928 101 is a short frame model w/out front brakes. 1928 is the first yr for the 101 Scout series, 1927 Scout in the middle is a 45 cubic incher w a longer frame and longer gas tank,officially its not a 101 Scout but called a "Police Special", maybe because they were sold to PDs. Officially for Indian and Harley Davidson 1928 is the first year for front brakes . Among other advances for Indian was the 3rd axle that supports the front of the engine thru the engine thru 2 "sidecar" like brackets. 1927 was the last year for among other issues a "pedestal" mount, the front of the engine rested on a "pad" or "pedestal". These pedestals broke off w regularity so Indian overcame this w the successful front axle for the engine for all models less Fours. The last bike is a super rare 1909 Camel-back. If I'm wrong on the year ,let me know. can't miss the handlebar mounted Klaxon push horns.
Some folks call the early years for Indian to 1915 as the "high watermark" of production, Indian produced 3/4 more bikes than the Motor Co. to 1915. This is just one reason the pre 1915 HDs are so rare, far fewer produced, combine that w 2 world wars ,where scrap metal drives decimated the numbers of all early motorcycles.

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