Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Building Sport Scouts ;634 640 741 642

Above in red-marroon titled as a 1934 Sport Scout, rear frame has 634 as part of the frame number denoting 6 for Sport Scout, 34 for 1934, front half of the 2 piece frame is a 1940-42 dog leg, NOS powerplant that was never stamped by Indian.
Pretty spartan start for a Sport Scout, this evolved into a 1940 Sport Scout.

You can clearly see the dogleg of the middle frame to accomodate the larger square base scout cylinders of 1940-42.

Indian scripted primary of 1934-1939, for whatever reason Indian gave up the script on 1940-53 for all models.
Koko admiring another project, she loved motorcycles, Sport scout gas/oil tanks were just a little larger and fit differently than their military 741 scout cousin.

Dirty , rusty, but reliable, bulletproof,underpowered 741 military scout, the oil pump,handlebars,seat was the same, but all the other parts were unique to 741s.

Fun , quick, but underpowered. 30.50 cubic incher less than 500 cc.
741 models wont fit a scripted primary, their smooth cover was also unique to ww2 741s, I think all of them were 1941 production, so 7 for 30.50 model, 41 for 1941. Indian kept things simple, Indian should have sacked their management and they'd still be building bikes, Its always greedy management that topples a excellent manufacturer.
1940 Sport Scout or 640 model , midway thru rebuild. evolved from the spartan scout above.
1940 -42 models shared the same sheetmetal, 1941-42 models were introduced w rear shocks and rear frames to accomodate the shocks, copying the shock engineering of the larger chief and four models.The kool thing to do is to swap out the flywheels to get 61 cubic inches out of heavy 45 cubic inch sport scout,
1942 Sport Scouts were very low production civilian models,ww2 being the reason.
You could build them w 16 incher rims , but they just dont look or handle right, 18 incher rims are correct and turn and look better.
Start w a pile of parts , but maybe not in your living room!
A virtually nos or new old stock engine, salvaged out of a low miles wreck.Nearly identical to a chief or 741 engine , One can see the heavy duty square base cylinders of 1940-42 that now needs a dogleg frame to accomodate them.
wet clutch or oil filled primary chain resides in the primary cover., HDs were dry, no oil. Anything the 2 rivals could do to distinguish one over the other.
The dogleg sport scout frame of 1940-42 models, Maybe some genius will start reproducing them, these are now very difficult to find..they are heavy duty.
I'm too buried to build more sport scouts now, but they are extremely simple, the least talented person could build one. Hard to believe that Indian a company that could make such bullet proof ,high quality iron went under the waves. They should have been bailed out w excellent management first and "free" govt money like Michigan now.

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