Thursday, January 08, 2009

1936 Harley Davidson Knucklehead in Cyprus,In the Mediterranean Sea

I asked people who might read my blogger if they had a 1936 Harley Davidson, to drop me a line . So Jack in Cyprus was kind enough to send me a foto of his 1936 Knuckle. He is looking for a 1936 oil tank, Dash cover and air filter or Carb cover, If you like you can just send me an email if you have 1936 parts and i can forward it to him. Anyone who has a correct or mixed parts bastard 1936 Knuckle write me and tell me about it. Vin number etc, unique parts on your bike?history on it..Cyprus is pretty far away from Sunny Southern California. I can see this 36 has the mid to late smooth cam cover, Carb cover may be from a flathead, its upside down,so a flatheads carbcover.
This is where Cyprus is...

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