Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Some U boat fotos

This has to be late war, u boats started looking modern, too late to make a difference in the coming collapse,
Heres an odd insignia, the iron cross, no idea which flotille this belonged to, no 88 guns on deck or front cable breaker,
Launch day, thats really Donitz signature,& Erich Topp,my guess postwar signed, some 1500 uboats were produced some 5 are left IF i'm correct..
Could this be Gibralter? see the mountain in the background? my guess the Mediterranean,,,,,,comments?
Far out at sea, safe enough to run their flag,
Whats that a British flag?? on a captured German uboat? note the u1009 hanging plaque, this deserves research,If you like uboats check out this site http://www.mikekemble.com/ww2/u534.html
When i lived in Sweden this was found farther North of where i lived in the Kattegat straits.

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