Wednesday, September 13, 2006

1936 Mercedes Benz in the Netherlands

This foto is of my grandmother Frederike Doornbos ,my father,his brothers, maybe my aunt too, in a 1936 Benz, truthfully i have never been able to ID the year, those are scratches,lines in the foto. My father told me that during the war the thieving germans confiscated or stole the family car, later somehow after the war, the vehicle was sold to a dutch citizen ,after the germans retreated or were ran off w their tails between their legs. my father was really an incredible guy, Market Garden, Arnhem, my dad was there, my father once told me a story on how when he was a little boy, wehrmacht soldiers in a kubelwagon wanted to know where a certain location was & they just forced him to travel there because they couldnt find it & just left him there to find his way home, when wehrmacht officers came to my grandmothers house to take it as their headquarters , she simply told them , house has no central heating , & they left to sieze someone elses home. once dad told me his family ate tulip bulbs during the war yrs, i can never look at tulips the same way now.

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