Friday, August 22, 2014

Bonaldi 7/8 master cylinder Alfa Romeo Giulia Giulietta 101 105

15,000 miles on the 2nd master on my 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia spider, i had replaced w a 105 series Bonaldi 7/8 made in Milan... i replaced  when the reservoir leaked out completely overnite. all thats worn out is the small rubber in the interior,, The replacement Bonaldi 7/8 is not a genuine Bonaldi , its a knockoff but works fine . the interior rubber bushing is half the size of the original.if u can find or rebuild a genuine Bonaldi 7/8 w the thicker rubber,, thats prefered .If u can rebuild the original bigger master thats 1st choice..dont ever toss the old masters as they r ez to rebuild n great for back ups... the Mityvac pneumatic bleeder is thee tool of choice, seriously dont waste your time n resources w any other hand squeeze bleeders or the force it on the reservoir style... just buy this one below,,, u can do everything w it , brake bleed, clutch bleed, gas tank bleed, highly reccomend.

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