Sunday, March 02, 2014

Kursk n Snoopy , my latest 2 fosters,, they live w me till they get adopted..fostering dogs , cats thru a rescue saves lives. most Animal Controls flat out dont give a shit,  there r a few that have great AC officers that go to  bat to save lives, most r jaded n flat out dont give a fuk.. like the folks who breed for quick cash n the folks who dont care about spay n neutering their dogs n cats..i encourage everyone to fix your dog or cat, if u wanna make quit cash , sell used cars or learn  day trading stocks, dont hustle puppies, tens of thousands of perfectly good dogs n cats r executed daily across the USA, make a difference n get your pets fixed n foster and adopt only from animal shelters n rescues, dont give puppy mill breeders your money....and please dont abandon your dog or cat at a shelter because they r seniors or r at the end of life 99% will b executed in a few days... Kursk can jump an 8 foot fence w no problem.

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