Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Lancastor California animal control executions

Lancaster California Animal Control shelter  but really killing station.. this is just a FEW in a partial month, from a shelter that takes in over 1500 creatures a month from irresponsible people, folks looking for fast bucks peddling puppies vs getting honest work , folks abandoning their family pet for cigarette n booze money. one cannot completely blame animal control staff, one must put the blame on careless cold heartless Lancaster citizens that daily dump , abandon their pets, spay n neutor programs r readily available at discounts or even free. people r literally lined up outside this killing station to dump the family pet b4 they open.. with no consideration that 97% will not be adopted and will be certainly executed, cute ,well behaved beautiful dogs cats smoked, they are not just slaughtering old blind cancered seniors they execute any creature still breathing.. While puppy stores and breeders create record profits,What can you do? spay , neutor, foster thru rescues, adopt, discourage folks from abandoning -surrendering their pets to any animal control...One can use politically correct polite feel good , warm n fuzzy  terms like shelter or put to sleep PTS or euthanyzed   but really these are executions at a killing station..your money n things dont last , helping out the innocent always does.
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A major failure at Lancaster Animal Control is thee lack of interest by staff n managers to even have a rescue coordinator and while other Animal Control Shelters in Southern California promote their dogs n cats at local adoption events that always have success w adopting out dogs n cats Lancaster AC does not participate or answer to the tax paying public for not doing everything they can to find homes for these creatures,,, they take the easy way out and mass execute.. The best interest of the animals and tax paying citizens is that all animal control be ran by private responsible accountable citizens n remove it from the death dealing bureaucracy and certainly do not let professional charities  run them ,, and we all know professional charities grab the fat wads of cash to stuff in their pockets first, advertise some suffering creature to make it look like they r doing something..

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