Tuesday, April 30, 2013

1940 BMW WW2 R12 timing made easy

 Boris saved from a killing shelter guards R35.
 flex flashlight to eyeball TDC thru sparkplug hole.Remove the head.
 The black felt marked line is where the pistons stops at, now go an additional 13mm w your calipers.
 Have your points open where the piston is at 13mm b4 TDC as in foto above. w the retard-advanced lever down...its  in the relaxed position is advanced, the gap is less than .22
 remove plug wire so you can see the brass on the mag..Its timed.. wasted plenty of time  trying to decipher other folks hieroglyphics and Mayan stella,,, it dont get easier than this....pull the head and the plug wire from the same side....If you are careful you can gently remove the mag w the sprocket on. put a tool under the timing chain, set your mag, gently position the mag back in place..my chain had just a little slack to let me ease it out.

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