Sunday, December 02, 2012

MyStart Incredibar toolbar website virus spam hacker

here i share w you my experiences w REMOVING UNINSTALLING MALWARE like a moron i downloaded a antihacker free download ,,it was loaded w this NASTY VIRUS ware... first go to search bar , on your left bottom corner type in 'System restore' ...this will take the computer to a previous time b4 your computer was infected,,, like say a month a go... THIS MIGHT WORK although it works 4 say 95% of viruses etc.
-important note ,,,these scam wares will adjust the restore point date too..they arent dummies they will reset the restore point to when they added their scamware...SO YOU NEED TO CHOOSE A NEW RESTORE POINT ...say a month ago//.. this spam virus ware infected my GOOGLE CHROME browsers,, even changing the site in CONTROL PANEL then INTERNET OPTIONS...HOME PAGE to Google chrome as my default browser was not enough ,,this parasite infected my downloaded copy of CHOME,.... What can u do??? I UNINSTALLED GOOGLE CHROME and TOOLBAR CHROME from ADD REMOVE HARDWARE, tuned my computer off then back on and then downloaded a NEW INSTALL OF GOOGLE CHROME and TOOLBAR,,,so far so good this insidious spyware parasite is gone 4 now...

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