Tuesday, October 02, 2012

PayPal return fraud scammer snared..GOTCHA Pepe n Maria!!

I'll post more details shortly on how i stopped a return fraud scammer on Ebay. SADLY Paypal only requires a delivery confirmation number to refund a buyer on Ebay . So a scammer can send you a box of soiled diapers in lieu of the $2500 Laptop you sent them. ..I stopped this crook from Malaga Spain w my local Police and US Postal Service... Above are the "items substituted as a return" from the crook in Spain, Next step is to do a full report to INTERPOL and get him on their radar and watch list...
Just as soon as they attempted to scam me . they changed their user id... coliseum_invicto to tercio_galico
 google userids n you can research who you r dealing with..

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