Sunday, September 02, 2012

Pit bull facts

After learning that the majority of dogs killed DAILY at so called "animal shelters" are misunderstood pitbull dogs.Some high killing "shelters" kill 30 to 60 of these 1 breed of dog per day....i am including some real fotos n facts i find on them.. The facts are if you beat the shit out of dogs or children everyday you will create unpredictable monsters..When a so called "elected officials" ie govt thugs  decides to ban pit bull dogs in your community , its basically showing their complete ignorance n prejudice of these dogs.the TRUTH about pit bull dogs is they are not dangerous unpredictable dogs, coward gangbangers hiding behind abused pits have solely contributed to their destruction. Real men dont hide behind their abused dog.

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Billy Hilgert said...

I agree with all of those!