Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rare 1936 Knucklehead parts

Note the hinge and the large opening to access bolt attachment...some boxes use 2 large circular holes.
Seller on ebay allowed me to post his parts fotos of never seen parts..
Decal you will never see again!

M5 manifold,

Rarely encountered 1936 chainguard w unique rivet orientation..

Step hub 1936-39
Super rare  rear brake drum, almost the size of the front drum, too small later bikes got the larger drum.

inside view of the rear 1936 drums backing plate...
Rear 1936 drum installed
Rear 1936 backing plate
1936 rear brake shoes in original box
The rarest of the rare ,,,early 1936 3 piece front crash bar,,,i've never seen one in real life....

The 1936 Knucklehead top motor mount

Another view on the step hub.

Thanks to the ebay seller for letting me use these great fotos of the rarest of the 1936 Knuckleheads parts seldom encountered.. I was always dissappointed w parts manuals w very poor fotos to help me identify these parts,,,

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